Fast and Effective Electrical Panel Repair

Aside from flipping breakers and replacing fuses, there is little homeowners can do to get service panels back in working condition. As one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in your home, you should always leave installation, maintenance and repairs up to trained professionals. When you are struggling with frequent overloads or a complete outage due to panel issues, you can rely on My Northridge Electrician Hero to come to the rescue!

We offer affordable services by expert technicians who have years of training and experience in the field. Our electricians are comfortable working on a wide range of panels and electrical systems, so you can rest assured that we will get you results quickly. As a licensed and insured contractor, we always do our work in accordance with current building codes and legal standards.

Consulting and Modernization Services for Panels, Wiring, and More

Many homeowners live with outdated electrical components, particularly service panels and wiring. While they may last you for years or even decades without much of a problem, it’s important to have them inspected regularly by professionals. Parts of every electrical system decay over time as they are exposed to corrosion from constant use, moisture and other natural elements.

We help our customers identify issues that are developing with their system, as well as load estimates to figure out if the unit will meet the necessary capacity. As you install new appliances and additional electronic devices in the home, you will need to upgrade your system to match bigger demand. With an experienced Northridge electrician at your side, the whole process will be much easier than it seems.

Request Emergency Services from Local Electricians

We may be in the electrical business, but providing great customer service is always our top priority. Every client and every project is important to us, no matter how small or simple it is. Our technicians want to help you get your system back online as soon as possible, so you can put your focus back where it belongs.

Don’t hesitate to call us any time of the day or night to schedule an emergency service call. We’ll dispatch a technician to your location as soon as possible to help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.